Bené Michelle Cambra has been a designer of functional Motorcycle Themed Art for almost 3 decades. In 1993 – 1998 she attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It was there she found her niche in the Art/Motorcycle world.  Bené wanted to do conceptual design utilizing forms and materials in ways never seen or created before. It was in 1993 Bene’s ideas for motorcycle art sculptures was born.

“Growing up I was in love with motorcycles. Their shape and speed, the shiny chrome accents, the sweet smell of leather, the gorgeous paint jobs and the unusual tailpipes and gas tanks captivated me. In short I found them to be works of art that until the early 90’s were simply over looked and regarded as rebellious”.

While attending The Academy of Art, Bené began to delve into ways to create functional sculptures incorporating features of motorcycles she was always in love with. It was the birth of “Motoration®”.

“I sat down one evening and created an entire line of motorcycle furniture sculptures.” Bené received 8 patents and 2 trademarks for her Functional Sculpture Art.  She also designed a theme restaurant and Hotel Casino around her ideas.

Over the years Bené has been featured in numerous magazine write ups for  Motoration ® including Ultimate Motorcycling, Hot Bike, Easyrider, and Motorcyclist Magazines.

In 2004, Jay Leno got Bené involved in Love Ride 21 weekend fundraiser. Bené donated 2 furniture pieces that were auctioned off through Bonham/Butterfield at the Peterson Museum LA. These to pieces were purchased by Dick Messer, Executive Director of the Museum at the time. Two other sculptures were signed by all Célébrités in attendance including Jay Leno, Willie G. Davidson, Dan Haggerty, Lorenzo Lamas and others. These two pieces are on display in Museums.

She has also designed eye wear, chess sets, watches and other types of jewelry. In addition Bené has dabbled in painting on metal featured in art shows. Bené also has a deep passion for miniature art scenes and has commissioned several over the years. The San Diego Automotive Museum has featured her collection for over a decade. She currently has sculptures in 5 U.S. Museums including Sturgis SD, National Motorcycle Museum Iowa, Barber Vintage Motorsport’s Museum Alabama, Peterson Automotive Museum Los Angeles CA and San Diego Automotive Museum San Diego CA.

Currently Bené is creating miniature prototypes and scenes showing her future direction for Motoration® Maui design sculptures. In 2014, Black Karma Art piece, was Jury chosen for Art Maui 2014 at the SHAFFER International Gallery, Maui Arts Cultural Center. Both Black Karma and Hot Lava were featured at Fleetwoods General Store/Art Gallery.
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Bene Cambra
Bene CambraIndustrial Fabrication
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