Gallerie Ukwensi Grand Opening a Great Success

||Gallerie Ukwensi Grand Opening a Great Success

Gallerie Ukwensi Grand Opening a Great Success

Upwards of 75 people showed up on April 20th for the Grand Opening of Gallerie Ukwensi at 424 W. 21st St. Suite 101 in Norfolk, Virginia.

The gallery opened at 6PM for the first ever exhibition. We planned to close at 10PM but some stayed on as late as 1AM into April 21st.

We had a diverse and excited crowd of people from all walks of life.

Attendees included Local celebrity artists Maizelle Brown of Norfolk’s Public Art Commission and Clayton Singleton.
Also present were featured artists Scott Fredrick, and Gia Labidi.
Friends and family also attended including Ukwensi’s loving husband Jamie McCray and sister Lee Ragin.
There were young artists and many others  inspired by Ukwensi’s work and career.

With food and drink catered by Bardo’s Edibles

Bardo's Edibles catering and Restaurant Bar

Everything was even better than expected and we were all very happy with the turnout and looking forward to many more exciting events and featured artists.
Several sales resulted, forming new relationships between our fantastic artists and patrons! We hope to see you at our next event!

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